Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Information Literacy Education (ILE) & the Culture : a research article

I found this very useful article written by Dorner & Gorman (2011) which appeared in "Information Research", where the researchers focus on how culture must be considered in planning ILE programs in a developing country. Understanding of local cultural norms in the context of the Lao education system is based on Hofstede's five dimensions of culture.

- Power Distance Index (PDI)
- Individualism (IDV)
- Masculinity (MAS)
- Uncertainty Avoidance Index (UAI)
- Long-Term Orientation (LTO)


Also the indigenous knowledge and local conditions are studied to demonstrate how these factors affect ILE.

I invite you to go through this case study in Laos and think how it can be relevant to Sri Lankan context!

Title: Contextual factors affecting learning in Laos and the implications for information literacy education

Authors: Dorner, D. & Gorman, G.

Journal: Information Research, 16(2), 1-23


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