Friday, July 10, 2009

Internet Searcher's Handbook

Internet Searcher's Handbook is the latest weblog I developed. Aim of this blog is to introduce the trends and techniques of online environment particularly to the Sri Lankan academic and library community with the aim of equipping them with necessary knowledge and skills to be successful in the online information environment. Special features of this blog are:
  • Search Tip of the Month (to introduce an effective search tip)
  • Website of the Month (to introduce a useful local website)
  • Specific Online Resources (to introduce useful Online resources)

The idea of developing this blog came to my mind during a workshop conducted by me for the academic staff members of the University on 09th July, on "An Introduction to Online Information Resources & Effective Online Searching Techniques ". I wanted to keep them regularly updated by sharing what I find. URL:


kumudini said...

Dear Tharanga. This is really intresting. I feel that if we could give this searching tips to our members(students) it will be much apprciated by the them (students). why dont you try to prepare an online news letter carriyeng all these tips students will love that
And also you can send it to other libraries for them to serve the readers by using it as a tool
Best Regards

TharangaOnline said...

Dear Mrs. Pushpamala,
Thank you very much for your valuable suggestions. Your blog also looks very interesting and you can develop it to facilitate the SLIIT users.
With regards,