Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Preservation Workshop in NLK

The National Library of Korea (NLK) established it’s Preservation Office (자료보존실) in 2003 with conservation specialists and state-of-art equipments for systematic conservation and management of nations’ treasures. It is comprised with:
  • A Conservation Laboratory
  • A Fumigation Room
  • A Microfilm Laboratory &
  • A Deacidification Room
Parallely to the National Library’s 63rd Anniversary, the Preservation Office of NLK conducted a workshop on Preservation on 15th Oct. In that workshop, participants were able to obtain hands-on-experience on various steps of preservation process from diagnosis of the health of the book (책 건강진단) to book-binding. The Workshop was an effort to bring the whole conservation process out of the preservation office, and exhibit it to the library community in the Country.

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