Thursday, October 19, 2006

Use of electronic journals in Sri Lankan University Libraries

Recently, I did a study in order to understand how University libraries in Sri Lanka are adapting to the rapid expansion of electronic journals. Standard survey methods were used to identify the progress and the problems of electronic journals usage. The population of the study covered all University main libraries and their faculty libraries in Sri Lanka. Questionnaires and follow-up interviews were used as the primary data collection instruments. Out of thirty one (31) libraries, twenty (20) libraries responded and sixty per cent (60%) of them had started in making use of electronic journals. Although, forty per cent (40%) of libraries do not use electronic journals, they have planned to use them in near future. Survey revealed that free electronic journals are the most popular source among the libraries. Some of them have provided access to online electronic journals via their library websites. Most libraries have faced financial and technological constraints. Lack of human resources was also identified as a palisade the libraries encounter. To encounter with new inventions of the ICT in libraries, attitudes of the librarians are most important. Sixty percent (60%) of librarians strongly agreed that the electronic journals are of much importance in libraries.


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